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Samuel Mandel, M.D. BCAS, Inc. Anesthesia Group in Milledgeville, GA

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Sharol Hernandez J.C. Medical Management, Inc. Multi-Specialty Billing Service in Grand Junction, CO

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Cindy Van Orden Provider Resource, Inc. Multi-Specialty Billing Service in Iowa City, IA

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R. Kent Cannaday, CRNA CRNA Group in Nacogdoches, TX

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Bill Smith, CRNA Valley Anesthesia Service LLC Anesthesia Group in Prosser, WA

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Crystal Knight Brigham Anesthesia South LLC Anesthesia Group in Carbondale, IL

ProSourceMD greatly speeds up payment entry by automating the entire process. ProSourceMD can post within 15 minutes what would take me four or five hours to do, and it gets it right. That is just incredible.” READ MORE

Roy Sumner Brigham Anesthesia South LLC Anesthesia Group in Carbondale, IL

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Tim Lyons ABC Consulting, LLC Anesthesia Billing Service in Winnsboro, TX

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Diane Caldwell South Lincoln County Anesthesia Group Anesthesia Group in Fayetteville, TN

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