About NMS

Navaro Medical Solutions is a leading provider of innovative software solutions designed specifically for anesthesia and medical billing groups. For more than 25 years, our clients have trusted us with their billing and practice management needs.

Why Choose Navaro Medical Solutions?

Experience: We have 25+ years of experience serving anesthesia practices and multi-specialty billing services across the country.
Exclusive Design: Designed to be easy to use, highly automated and efficient for the user while very robust in the background to maximize income for the providers.
Constant Enhancements: Our ProSourceMD software is incredibly well-tested and robust and continues to evolve based on new customer feature request, improvements in technology and new industry requirements.
Patents and Certifications: Our software received a US Patent for its innovative features and was the first practice management software in the healthcare industry to be certified by Microsoft for its all new .Net technology.
HIPAA Compliance:  ProSourceMD software was designed from the ground up around HIPAA and is an industry leader in HIPAA compliance and security. All confidential data is stored in the database as encrypted data, making the data virtually breach-proof which protects not only our customers, but every doctor and patient billed through our software.
Extensive Features: Our nearly exhaustive list of features and options has been highly customized for our customers’ needs and specific uses.

Data Availability: As a hosted solution, customers can access their data 24x7 and a unique feature of ProSourceMD is the ability to work even without internet access.   To help customers meet their document storage requirements, we offer customers who no longer need billing software continued access to their data for as long as their compliance requirements stipulate.

Customer Service: Our customer support team is available to answer any questions as your team learns to navigate the system.  We also offer a complete online help system and a full set of interactive training videos for self learning.