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Navaro Medical Solutions is a leading provider of innovative software solutions designed specifically for anesthesia and medical billing groups. For more than 25 years, our clients have trusted us with their billing and practice management needs.

Why Choose Navaro Medical Solutions?

  • Experience: We have 25+ years of experience serving anesthesia practices and multi-specialty billing services across the country.
  • Exclusive Design: We received an official patent in 2010 for our innovative ProSourceMD design. Constant
  • Enhancements: Our ProSourceMD software is incredibly well-tested and robust, and we continue to invest in state-of-the-art technology and safety/regulatory features.
  • Certifications: Our software was the first practice management software in the healthcare industry to be certified by Microsoft for its all new .Net technology.
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Our Products & Services

ProSourceMD Software

ProSourceMD is a cutting-edgemedical practice management software. Designed specifically for anesthesia practice and multi-practice billing services, ProSourceMD’s patented technology offers the industry’s only billing software with a breach-proof database and advancements in data accessibility, security, and functionality.

ProSourceMD Tools

The ProSourceMD Tools package is a component of the ProSourceMD software. ProSourceMD Tools offers next generation technology and resources for optimizing the biller’s and doctors’ bottom line. ProSourceMD is used by practices and medical billing services for both anesthesia and general medical billing.

Medical Billing Services

NMS Medical Billing Services helps you maximize income by collecting every dollar that is collectible with the least amount of expense. We automate every process that can be automated, validate all data that can be validated with over a half million edits, and track all processes that can be tracked with our one-of-a-kind process tracking system. We can boost productivity through automation, and we have the tools to help generate cleaner claims and reduce denials.

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Ideal Solutions for Specialized Businesses

Anesthesia Groups

  • Complete adherence to Medicare time calculation rules
  • Automated and accurate time calculation of minutes and time units with ability to set billable minutes to be the same or less then calculated minutes.
  • Built in default CPT to ASA Code crosswalk, with potential overrides visible at claim level.
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Anesthesia Billing Services

  • Flexible time and fee calculation methods customizable down to a specific code for a specific carrier.
  • The ability to enter CPT surgery codes and anesthesia codes, along with other AQI clinical data.
  • Discontinuous time and multiple supervising or rendering providers for any claim.
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Multi-Speciality Billing Services

  • Medicare concurrency rules built in, allowing for the supervision of CRNAs, AAs, Residents or SRNAs.
  • Ability to apply Medicare concurrency rules, or create custom concurrency rules for any carrier.
  • Concurrency process automatically applies correct modifier, adjust charges as appropriate and creates a second claim or service line charge.
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Hospital Anesthesia Departments

  • Automatic and accurate time and unit calculation, even across multiple dates.
  • Separate storage of total anesthesia time and user defined billed anesthesia time.
  • Ability to enter multiple anesthesia service lines per claim.
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