Customer Testimonials

ProSourceMD Anesthesia Billing Software


For more than 17 years, Samuel Mandel, M.D., has relied on ProSourceMD practice management and anesthesia billing software to handle billing for his anesthesiology practice in the central Georgia community of Milledgeville. Dr. Mandel is an anesthesiologist and CEO of the practice, which includes four full-time CRNAs and 15 to 16 locum tenens (temporary) CRNAs that have served the local hospital.

He appreciates that ProSourceMD is built with the most advanced technology, but the bottom line for Dr. Mandel is a billing program that helps ensure the business is profitable and efficient.

“With ProSourceMD, I can see where the money is coming from, who’s paying and who’s not, and which procedures are beneficial revenue-wise.”

What Dr. Mandel particularly likes about ProSourceMD is that it gives him the ability to deal effectively with 3rd party payers, get the detail he needs track down payments, and monitor quality of care.

“I can see which providers are bringing in the business, what the payer mix is, and make sure the insurance company actually got the claim. Furthermore, the seamless interfacing to AQI from ASA allows the group to easily meet the Medicare MIPS or MACRA requirements.”

Most physicians, Mandel explains, don’t have any idea what it takes for billing to work.

“You don’t just send out a claim and get paid. You need to have reports that allow you to check and verify things by claim and by 3rd party provider, follow up with the payer, document everything, and establish a time frame for payment.”

Dr. Mandel admits he’s very picky about wanting to know what’s going on billing-wise and not waiting to process claims.

“Cases done today get entered today and filed tomorrow. With ProSourceMD, once the coding and data entry is done, you press the button – one click – and it’s transmitted to all the payers. You can then pull up a chain of reports, push them into a spreadsheet, compare by month, by year, by physician, by CPT code, by payer mix and more. Very few programs do that in an automated, repeatable manner.”

The reporting, filing and customer service are also great, says Dr. Mandel.

“The response for support has always been good, and you can call and talk to them if needed, but the software is quite easy to operate.”

Dr. Mandel says Navaro and ProSourceMD have worked perfectly for his practice from the very beginning. As the technology has advanced, Navaro has kept up.

“Their software program took advantage of the .Net environment, a very secure environment, and made it work with secure storage and backup. We have never had any data loss. My data goes all the way back, and their security is even better today.”

Dr. Mandel says that with ProSourceMD, he gets a program that is built from the ground up and very complete.

“They made it easy for a small group such as mine, but the program also scales up nicely. It could just as easily work for a large company. The program is just that solid.”

Samuel Mandel, M.D. BCAS, Inc. Milledgeville, GA

Multi-specialty billing company Provider Resource Inc. of Iowa City, Iowa, manages the billing for three medical groups, including a group of 13 anesthesiologists. For president and owner Cindy Van Orden, improved productivity is the biggest overall benefit her company has realized with ProSourceMD practice management and anesthesiology billing software. From a fast, direct EDI connection with Provider Resource’s largest carrier Wellmark, to accurate code data sets and automatic crosswalking, ProSourceMD makes “all the right changes at all the right times,” according to Cindy.

“They have changes updated in the system before we even need them. Their program is built from the ground up, it has kept stride with the industry, and it’s affordable.”

Reporting capabilities have also played a major role in productivity at Provider Resource.

“ProSourceMD developed a units report years ago, and we live by that report today. It really works nice for anesthesia because it breaks out base, time and total units, and it has continued to evolve over time.”

Running a small business, Cindy is involved in many of the company’s day-to-day activities.

“I do coding, compliance, and communicate with the physicians regarding any charge questions, and then I am involved with the daily work for the anesthesia group we bill for. We also do wound care coding and billing.”

For customers such as Provider Resource that also participate in quality measures tracking and reporting, ProSourceMD offers validations, pre-qualifications and automated uploads of claims data to the Anesthesia Quality Institute (AQI) National Anesthesia Clinical Outcomes Registry (NACOR) along with the validation, entry and upload of anesthesia claims to AQI’s QCDR Registry.

When Provider Resource had to transition from reporting PQRS measures by claim to PQRS measures by registry, ProSourceMD was there for Cindy.

“ProSourceMD worked with AQI to set up a robust quality manager within the program. ProSourceMD was on top of everything and spent a lot of time developing the quality measures part of the program.”

In 2016, Provider Resource submitted two practices to AQI using ProSourceMD Quality Measure tools and achieved a 100 percent success rate with both groups.

“The ProSourceMD team was very patient and helped me to learn how to submit nine measures for 14 physicians individually on every anesthesia claim covering a variety of procedures. Thanks to ProSourceMD, it means that none of our physicians will be penalized in 2018, and that’s huge.”

Throughout the years, ProSourceMD has met every deadline for Provider Resource.

“The biggest one was when we had to become HIPAA compliant back in 2003. Then Y2K, that was a biggie. Then going from ICD9 to ICD 10. They just took everything in stride and helped us meet all those deadlines.”

For Cindy, ProSourceMD does nearly everything, with excellent customer service and at a price that’s just right.

“ProSourceMD is fast, point-n-click, state-of-the-art, HIPAA compliant and reliable, with redundant, storm-hardened backup, and everything works great.”

Cindy Van Orden Provider Resource, Inc. Iowa City, IA

In business nearly 20 years, Kent Cannaday is a CRNA in independent practice in Nacogdoches, Texas, and has used ProSourceMD practice management and anesthesia billing software for all 20 of those years.

“I was a solo provider when I first started, and I chose ProSourceMD because it seemed to be less complicated, and the company understood critical HIPAA compliance requirements. It just made sense to me. We now have three clinical providers I bill for, with support from a coder, and we are still using ProSourceMD today.”

Kent especially likes the quality of the updates and ProSourceMD’s highly secure database that can be remotely and easily accessed from almost anywhere.

“It’s a great time saver because it keeps up with ICD and CPT code updates. I can quickly get the correct code without a lot of wasted time. I also like that all the data is securely stored on a remote server that I can get to from almost anywhere, providing me with ease of access and an extra level of security from a HIPAA compliance standpoint.”

According to Navaro Solutions, ProSourceMD is the only practice management software in the country that stores all confidential data in the database as encrypted data, making it virtually breach proof, protecting customers, doctors and patients.

“When it comes to security, I believe the ProSourceMD team does everything in their power to protect their customers, and their customers’ patients and their data.”

And when it comes to customer service, Kent says the entire ProSourceMD team is very helpful.

“I can call in and actually talk to somebody, and my unusual computer setup – running Windows-based applications on a MAC – doesn’t bother them at all. They are all very helpful.”

R. Kent Cannaday, CRNA Nacogdoches, TX

From office manager to administrator to bookkeeper, J.C. Medical Management owner Sharol Hernandez has numerous responsibilities at her multi-specialty billing practice. But one area she doesn’t have to worry about is billing.

A 20-year Navaro Medical Solutions customer, Sharol and her Grand Junction, Colo. – based business use ProSourceMD practice management and anesthesia billing software primarily for her anesthesiology clients, but also for pathology and other specialties as her client mix changes.

“When we first started with ProSourceMD, it was so exciting to have an anesthesia program that did the minutes for us. I can also count on them to be current with the latest CMS rules, which are constantly being issued.”

Known for its technology, security and innovative features, ProSourceMD was the first practice management software in the health care industry to be certified by Microsoft for its all new .Net technology. ProSourceMD also exceeds HIPAA compliance requirements and stores all confidential information as encrypted data, making the data virtually breach proof, protecting customers, doctors and patients.

When it comes to adding useful features and reports to the already robust offering, Sharol said ProSourceMD is always there for them.

“As long as it’s reasonable, you put your request in, and within a few weeks they send out an updated version with the change or feature you wanted. They are always on top of it.”

Features that ProSourceMD has added for J.C. Medical Management include: the ability to automatically send reports to the Anesthesia Quality Institute (AQI); the ability to send data to ePreops to coordinate preoperative information between anesthesiologists and St. Mary’s Medical Center in Grand Junction; and the ability to import data from St. Mary’s EPIC EHR anesthesia module, including the import of demographic data and linking of PDF documentation files to the patient record.

“The ProSourceMD folks coordinated with St. Mary’s to connect the hospital’s EHR module with the ProSourceMD system, saving our business time and money. It’s amazing they (EPIC) let them do it. They don’t let just anyone connect with them, but ProSourceMD is such a secure system.”

Anesthesiologist charges from the hospital along with all the demographics and data are now automatically loaded into the ProSourceMD system.

“ProSourceMD is just so open to our ideas. They want the best product, and they want our job to be easier. They are a great company; I absolutely 100 percent trust them.”

Sharol Hernandez J.C. Medical Management, Inc. Grand Junction, CO

“Take a deep breath; everything’s going to be fine. We’re going to get this worked out, and you’re going to get paid.”

Those were the reassuring words that CRNA and Valley Anesthesia Service owner Bill Smith heard from Navaro Medical Solutions customer support team during a difficult re-credentialing issue with Medicare. A 15-year customer of ProSourceMD practice management and anesthesia billing software, Bill had recently switched his company to an LLC, which raised red flags with Medicare.

“There was a time we were wondering if we were ever going to get paid again. But the ProSourceMD folks walked us through the process and got everything done the way Medicare wanted it. It would have been a nightmare without them.”

Based in Prosser, Washington, Valley Anesthesia Service handles about 200 cases a month between Bill and his partner CRNA – primarily ocular surgery and a few orthopedic cases. Bill’s wife handles most of the day-to-day billing.

Bill’s business relies on ProSourceMD’s ability to evolve with increasingly complex quality reporting requirements and coding changes. When Valley Anesthesia went through the transition from ICD9 to ICD 10, Bill described how Navaro Medical Solutions made the transition easy.

“The Government is constantly changing things, starting and stopping and delaying. But ProSourceMD developers stay on top of things, and it took all that worry away from us.”

Optimized for anesthesia and multi-specialty billing practices, Bill says ProSourceMD’s time-based tracking and reporting – adapted to carrier-specific needs such as time units or minutes – is built into the system. His business gets high value at a competitive price. And Bill and his wife both praise the ProSourceMD customer support.

“It couldn’t be better. They are top of the line when it comes to customer support.”

Bill Smith, CRNA Valley Anesthesia Service LLC Prosser, WA

As office manager at Brigham Anesthesia South in Carbondale, Illinois, Crystal Knight runs a tight ship. Using ProSourceMD practice management and anesthesia billing software, Crystal makes sure that every anesthesiology case is accounted for at the end of each month and that all accounts are in order.

“You know how some things are, they just slide through the cracks. But not here. I know how many cases and which procedures our providers have performed and at which facility.”

For Crystal and for the practice, which includes 12 anesthesiologists and 35 CRNAs, ProSourceMD saves time and keeps the cash flowing. That helps explain why Brigham Anesthesia South has been a customer for more than 20 years.

“With ProSourceMD, I can tell right away if something is wrong and why. I can run 100 payments from an 835 report in ten minutes, with any secondary insurance automatically getting billed. It’s so important to have this tool for cash flow, getting payments, and not missing timely filing deadlines.”

Both Crystal and her providers take full advantage of ProSourceMD’s reporting capabilities, which include detailed procedure and provider information, optimized for anesthesiology practices.

“If you’re entering procedure or diagnosis codes and something’s not right, there’s a flag or help menu that alerts you. And ProSourceMD automatically calculates physical status modifiers like P3 or P4, where you bill extra time units – beyond base and time ­– due to a patient’s challenging health condition. If a doc calls me and wants a particular set of information, I can just spit that out and get it right back to him or her.”

ProSourceMD also helps Crystal keep track of the needs and requirements of supervising providers and immediately notifies her of any concurrency problems.

“You want to make sure your doctors are not supervising more patients than allowed under concurrency guidelines, because your payment will be reduced. ProSourceMD is set up to automatically let you know if there’s a concurrency problem.”

If Crystal needs something set up for her practice’s own needs, ProSourceMD is always available.

“You can tell them exactly what you need, and if they think it will work well within the program and help you, they will put it in for you.”

Crystal Knight Brigham Anesthesia South LLC Carbondale, IL

The posting of payments, including 835 ERAs, is a major responsibility for Brigham Anesthesia Associates South accountant Roy Sumner. With 12 anesthesiologists and 35 CRNAs performing cases at hospitals and facilities in Carbondale, Illinois, and the surrounding region, the practice sees a large volume of claims and payments.

“All the major providers send us 835 reports, and a single report can be ten to 40 pages long with anywhere from five to 200 claims running into the tens of thousands of dollars. ProSourceMD greatly speeds up payment entry by automating the entire process.”

With features specially designed for large and multi-office practices, ProSourceMD can create a full HIPAA 837, and it can read an 835 ERA with automatic posting of payments to the proper accounts.

“ProSourceMD can post within 15 minutes what would take me four or five hours to do, and it gets it right. That is just incredible. And if there’s a secondary insurance that needs to be re-billed, it does that automatically.”

What would things look like for Roy without ProSourceMD automatic posting?

“It would be impossible for me to do in an eight-hour day. I am certain we would have to hire another person if everything had to be done manually. It is definitely an enormous time saver.”

Built with all new, state-of-the-art technology, ProSourceMD also gets high marks from Roy on its customer service.

“It’s a highly complex system, but they respond and they fix things, and I can’t ask for more. Plus, they take suggestions that I have made in the past.”

Those suggestions included simplifying and customizing a menu option by adding a CLAIM ID # button, so Roy didn’t have to search through hundreds of records to find a patient’s insurance before posting a payment. Roy calls the fix “an enormous time saver.”

Roy Sumner Brigham Anesthesia South LLC Carbondale, IL

With multiple anesthesia groups in multiple states, ABC Consulting owner-administrator Tim Lyons has his work cut out for him.

“I make sure our business is running smoothly, making sure the claims are getting out in a timely fashion, are correct and are followed up on so we can maximize revenues and provide the best customer service to our clients.”

Based in Winnsboro, Texas, ABC Consulting bills for anywhere from 6 to 12 clients. A 13-year Navaro Medical Solutions customer, Tim relies on ProSourceMD’s robust capabilities, optimized for anesthesia, including automated claims processing, electronic statements, critical reminders, and multi-state state capabilities. But what Tim most relies on ProSourceMD for is saving him time and money while operating in a complex, multi-state environment.

“Before PSMD, we were constantly reprocessing claims to meet the payer rules and regulations. Now, with the automation, we get a few back here and there, but it’s so much different. Our claims are correct, they get out in a timely fashion, and are followed up in a timely manner so we can maximize revenue and provide the customer service our clients deserve.”

About 98.5 to 99 percent of ABC Consulting claims now go out as clean claims.

“I like the reminders, I like the ability to manipulate and set the rules, especially from an anesthesiology perspective based on the individual states where we have clients.”

Automatic posting of 835 ERAs are another huge benefit for Tim and his company.

“When the ERAs come in, we simply review them, click off the ones that are accurate, and can auto-post 30 different claims with one click. If there’s some we want to follow up on and don’t want to post, we can opt those out. But again, we’re talking about a huge time saver.”

While Tim loves the functionality, features and updates that keep him and his clients ahead of the curve, it’s the ProSourceMD customer service that helps keep him as a loyal customer.

“Their customer service has remained high from day one. Another big reason I went with them was their customization package for anesthesia. It’s a whole different animal to bill for, with time units, modifiers, and guidelines for who is supervising whom on what procedures.”

And ProSourceMD is always there to help Tim set up any state-based rules or processes needed to keep the business – and revenues – running smoothly.

“It’s a huge time saver and a huge money saver. That’s why we’ve been with ProSourceMD for so long and the biggest reason we stay with them now.”

Tim Lyons ABC Consulting, LLC Winnsboro, TX

For Cindy Hilgenberg, ProSourceMD practice management and anesthesia billing software makes everything possible for her husband’s solo anesthesiology practice.

“By keeping our billing in-house, it’s very cost effective. ProSourceMD really enables a solo practice to operate.”

John Hilgenberg, M.D., has had his general anesthesiology practice in the northern Indiana town of Warsaw for 30 years, and for nearly 20 years, they have been Navaro Medical Solutions customers. Working out of her home, Cindy handles all the billing, including managing claims and posting payments.

In addition to its financial benefits, ProSourceMD has great reporting and filing capabilities, and the software has been designed from the beginning specifically for anesthesiology.

“It’s highly complicated ­– different than any other specialty. Different providers require that units and time be reported by their own guidelines, and depending on your practice, you have to pay attention to concurrency rules. ProSourceMD definitely saves time, is extremely easy to use, and there’s not a report you can’t do with the program. It’s just awesome.”

Another timesaver for Cindy is the electronic filing.

“I probably file 99 percent of my claims electronically. You put in your claims and you push a button. It’s extremely efficient with ProSourceMD.”

Customer support has always been a priority for ProSourceMD. However, Cindy says she hardly needs to talk to customer service directly because of the built-in help menu and the program suggestions capability.

“I am the only person in the office, so I like to figure things out. They have an excellent help menu, and ProSourceMD welcomes suggestions for improving the program or reporting any concerns. I just fill out the form, and the next time I log in, I have a response. If I ever do need hands-on support, ProSourceMD logs in with me and walks me through the process to figure things out.”

Cindy also described how calm and patient Navaro customer service is.

“They don’t hurry you. Dr. Hilgenberg wouldn’t know the first thing to do in a complex software application, but if he needs to do something in the system such as run a report, they just talk him through it.”

Cindy says customer service is one of the main reasons she would never consider using someone else for billing services. But there are many other features Cindy loves as well.

“24-7 accessibility lets me work in the program at my convenience; our data is secured with the latest technology, including off-site remote storage and backup; and delinquent accounts are easily identified and accessed through past due/collection files.”

Cindy Hilgenberg John Hilgenberg M.D. Warsaw, IN

Owner-operator Diane Caldwell of Reliable Returns in Fayetteville, Tennessee, prides herself on staying up with the latest changes in medical practice billing. But Diane says the ability of ProSourceMD practice management and anesthesia billing software to stay ahead of the curve is amazing.

“I’ve been doing this for more than 30 years, and ProSourceMD still shows me things I didn’t know.”

A 20-year, small-business customer of ProSourceMD, Diane got into the anesthesia billing business working as a go-between for CRNAs contracting with the local hospital. That earned her the business of long-term client South Lincoln County Anesthesia Group, LLC.

“They had just lost a key staff member, billing was suffering and they weren’t getting paid. That’s when I jumped into the business with ProSourceMD. I went through the practice’s records and had everything billed appropriately. In one month’s time I had started my business, got cash flowing to the anesthesia group, and we both ended the month with a profit.”

As time went on, Diane came to fully trust and rely upon ProSourceMD’s software, optimized for anesthesia billing.

“Their system is designed to bill units plus time, so you don’t have to sit there and do everything manually. ProSourceMD is on top of it.”

In addition to enhanced productivity features, customer support is a primary reason Diane has stayed with ProSourceMD so long.

“They call you back quickly; they’re phenomenal. I’ve never actually had to wait until the next day to talk to someone. And they never seem like they’re trying to rush you off the phone.”

With a robust reporting system that keeps up with increasingly complex requirements, ProSourceMD can be customized to Diane’s own needs and business situation.

“You can run a report on a code and find out what an insurance provider is paying for that or any other code, and they have a fabulous crosswalk capability. Every time the ICD codes are updated, ProSourceMD is already updated and ready to go, saving me time and worry.”

Diane likes to use one word to sum up her overall experience with ProSourceMD: professional.

“We have a long-term relationship. When I retire, I am probably going to cry, because I am surely going to miss them.”

Diane Caldwell South Lincoln County Anesthesia Group Fayetteville, TN

Tracy Milligan, owner and president of South Bay Medical Management (SBMM) in Anaheim Hills, Calif., says she is “just a small company.” But not in the eyes of Navaro Medical Solutions, developers of ProSourceMD practice management and anesthesia billing software.

ProSourceMD welcomes small businesses and sole proprietors. Special features for small billing practices include secure, 24x7 remote web-based access, per-provider subscription pricing that avoids expensive software purchases or maintenance costs, and customized solutions to challenges facing both small and large businesses.

“I do just about everything myself, from data entry and accounting to taxes and anesthesiology billing.”

One of the biggest reasons SBMM is still with ProSourceMD after more than 20 years was Navaro’s ability to handle a special general excise tax (GET) situation involving her Hawaii anesthesiology client, Tracy’s primary account.

Hawaii levies a GET on nearly all business activity in the state, including Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance provider claims paid to physicians. Tracy explained that every Hawaii claim SBMM sends out has to include a state excise tax of 4.712 percent.

“For us to have to calculate that manually for every single claim simply wouldn’t be worth it. But ProSourceMD was able to adapt its billing system to Hawaii tax guidelines and integrate with our client billing.”

In addition to the special attention SBMM received in dealing with the excise tax issue, Tracy finds ProSourceMD easy to use and loves the customer support.

“The system is easy to navigate, and billing itself is easy to work with. I am also very comfortable dealing with their customer service. They do a great job and always respond quickly.”

So, does ProSourceMD save time and money, even for a small company such as SBMM?

“Definitely. ProSourceMD saves time, it’s easy to navigate, and the program is easy to learn and work with.”

Tracy Milligan South Bay Medical Management (SBMM) Anaheim Hills, CA

A 24-year Navaro Medical Solutions customer, Judy Tibbitts works as office manager at Yellowstone Anesthesia in Miles City, Montana. Responsible for billing for three independent CRNAs, Judy says Navaro Medical and their ProSourceMD practice management and anesthesia billing software has been a perfect fit for her business.

“They know anesthesiology inside and out, and there are not a lot of people that do. I know we don’t use all of ProSourceMD’s capabilities, but it has worked really well for us, and their fee schedule is very fair.”

Yellowstone Anesthesia CRNAs provide anesthesia services at the local hospital, billing for a variety of cases, including OBGYN, orthopedic and ophthalmology. When it comes to entering, coding and filing the claims in an efficient and timely manner, ProSourceMD makes sure Judy can stay ahead of the latest insurance changes and regulatory requirements.

Over the years, Judy has also attended several anesthesiology CRNA workshops to help keep up with the anesthesia billing industry.

“I usually end up getting very little information from the workshops – they just don’t understand my business. I have CRNAs, not anesthesiologists, so billing for them is different. Navaro has helped me much more than any of those workshops ever did.”

Despite being a small business, Judy explains that Navaro and ProSourceMD have always been there for her, and the customer service is excellent.

“They have been very helpful, very timely and have answered all my questions. They are very hands-on, and I just appreciate them a lot.”

Even though she is not very computer proficient, Judy says ProSourceMD software is easy to understand and operate.

“I can run this program inside out and backwards, and if there are ever any issues or things I don’t understand, they are right there for me. I can’t tell you of one complaint I have ever had about Navaro or ProSourceMD. I am amazed!”

Judy Tibbetts Yellowstone Anesthesia Associates PC Miles City, MT