Billing Services

NMS Medical Billing Services specializes in Anesthesia Billing and helps you maximize income by collecting every dollar that is collectible with the least amount of expense. We automate every process that can be automated, validate all data that can be validated with over a half million edits, and track all processes that can be tracked with our one-of-a-kind process tracking system. We can boost productivity through automation, and we have the tools to help generate cleaner claims and reduce denials.

In addition to all standard income reports, we can generate an unlimited set of anesthesia specific reports showing units billed and paid by any combination of providers, facilities, payers, surgeons, diagnosis, procedure, day of week, hour of day and over any time range.  Reports can be generated as pdf reports or excel reports and sent on a regular time period or created as needed.

We currently import data from hospitals using the Epic Anesthesia Module and can work with your hospital to import data in any available format.

We can integrate with any third party API for integration of scheduling, EHR data and Quality Measure Reporting data

Because we use ProSourceMD Anesthesia Billing Software, you can not only be sure your billing is accurate, you can be sure your patient's confidential data is secure since all confidential data is stored as encrypted in the database.  ProSourceMD offers the only breach-proof database in the industry.

We are a small business where every customer and every little detail is important.

We don't charge more, we just do more.

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